Hi, we are PUTPUT, an interdisciplinary Swiss/Danish artist duo based in Copenhagen and working within the fields of conceptual still life photography, sculpture and publishing

Established in 2011 by Stephan Friedli (CH) and Ulrik Martin Larsen (DK), PUTPUT is neatly placed between input and output, navigating the busy intersection where photography, installation and design meet.

PUTPUT is the visual and conceptual meeting of two minds, a collaboration in thought and practice. A shared and deeply rooted fascination with metaphysical relationships connected to everyday objects guides and perpetuates our work.

A humoristic undercurrent runs through the reduced, ambiguous and profoundly superficial visual universe that defines PUTPUT. Playful constructions, transient in their nature, transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Ideas, concepts and the notion of creating fictional but recognizable object typologies are at the very core of our artistic practice. The highly stylized visual universe has references to Pop Art, surrealism and reinterprets classical genres such as still life through a contemporary lens.

We undertake a meticulous interrogation and research of our a immediate surroundings through ideas and concepts to purposely build connections between meaning, expression and artifact; reinventing and reconfiguring the context and expression of objects leads to new questions that beg to be answered through the objects and images themselves. We set out to create self-explanatory images that challenge perception through juxtapositions of objects, both manmade and natural in the hope that the viewer might look twice or more and to maybe upon that second glance discover something unexpected or unseen.

Selected projects

We work with contemporary still life photography,
sculpture, publishing, installation and objects.

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A photographic journey into the marvelous land of sausage. Tribute to the salami is a limited edition booklet
featuring 16 pages of meaty fun.

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Latest news

  • April 2018

    Comic Citrone

    We're showing some brand new "Fabricated Flower" arrangements at Comic Citrone – Festival of Contemporary Art and Letters.The exhibition runs from the 14th April – 3rd June at The Round Tower in Copenhagen. Drop by for a great selection of artist working in different medias.

  • December 2017

    Happy Holidays

    2018 is approaching and we want to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year! 2017 has taken us on some true adventures and we count ourselves lucky to be able to share our work with you in so many ways! We hope you'll stay tuned for 2018 and we're excited to offer a preview of what's in store.

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Let's join forces! We have had the pleasure of completing commissions for a number of international clients, we hope you might be the next adventure.

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We also do products

Recently we have started expanding our practise to include different
objects and products, using means of mass production, we disrupt the process and create unique items in limited numbers.

More objects, publications and products are added continuously.

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